Sonic Monday – The Low Anthem’s Apothecary Love

The appeal of the iPod is in it’s portability. The ability to listen to one’s entire music catalogue makes the CD player seem like a Model T. Despite this ease, my favorite feature on the iPod is the movie moments it creates where the song and your location mesh perfectly.

Of all the locations in New York City, Grand Central Terminal is the one where I’ve had the most movie moments. With its marble floors, the low ceiling hallways feeding into the Main Hall, people criss-crossing the terminal en route to their destinations and the constellations on the ceiling, the crown jewel of the old New York Central system is majestic.

The Low Anthem - Via

That is what makes the video of  The Low Anthem’s “Take Away Show” in Grand Central Terminal particularly fitting. Playing the song “Apothecary Love,” the four-piece band that met at Brown University hold court in the early afternoon of a pre-Thanksgiving weekday and provide an unexpected soundtrack to the early winter Grand Central Terminal.

As the camera waltzes around the band members, it catches moments in the life of the city. Tourists wandering around a landmark, Metro-North workers pausing from their work to enjoy the music, and children taking it all in. And then there are the New York commuters who ignore the four musicians, either because they have a train to catch or they just don’t acknowledge anything out of the ordinary during their commutes.

As The Low Anthem sing, “I’ve got the cure for the shape that you’re in,” I couldn’t help but think back to moments in my life where I’ve been on my way back to New York, typically by train, and met at the grandeur lacking Penn Station, typically by the girl in my life. And as much as I love to travel and as much I enjoy riding the rails, at the end of a trip, there is nothing better than stepping off the train, ascending the stairs, passing folks who are just beginning their voyages and finding the cure for being on the road and away from home.


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