Sonic Monday: The Civil Wars and I’m From Barcelona

Rusty – “Billie Jean” by The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars (Photo via Flickr user Shane Adams)

I know I’ve been promising new music and anticipating nicer weather, but this was too good to pass up.  For those of you who skipped the glorified concert known as the Grammys last night, you missed sixty seconds of great music by The Civil Wars.  Unfortunately they were cut short for Taylor Swift, but the duo’s two awards (including Best Folk Album) more than made up for the shortened performance.

The video below is the group covering “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, and it reaffirms everything we know about the group: stunning vocal ranges and harmonies, a little bit of attitude, simple guitar-only instrumentation, and a refreshing take on age-old genres.  
I’d like to think that The Civil Wars have a lot of good music ahead of them, but in the meantime they deserve all the attention they’ve gotten.  Enjoy the song, and be sure to keep the album Barton Hollowin your regular rotation.  It’s well worth it, and is the perfect soundtrack for Valentine’s (lovers and singles alike!)

Ferris – “We’re From Barcelona” by I’m From Barcelona

By the time you get to be 27, you most likely have found your hangover cure. For me it has always been deli chicken cutlet sub with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo with a Yoo-Hoo and bag of Doritos.

Does I'm From Barcelona have room for one more? - Via

In a similar vein, there are some songs that you immediately turn to when you are down in the dumps and don’t really want to deal with the world around you. These songs are the go-to cure for the blues. For me, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been listening to them, they always put a smile on my face when I hear them. So, imagine what it’s like to have the music video for one of those songs be so damn upbeat you imagine it’s the progeny of one of those late January days we had last month where not only is was it in the 60s, but it even smelled like spring and all you can think is happy thoughts.

Let Me Introduce My Friends, the debut album from the Swedish band, I’m From Barcelona is chock full of up-beat, eager to please songs that warm even the hardest, coldest Scandinavian heart. The cheeriest, most heartwarming song on the whole CD is “We’re From Barcelona.” From start to the finish, the song is like a sonic ray of sunshine that leaves you feeling warm and cozy with no saccharine aftertaste. So imagine, my amazement when I caught the music video for this song. Highlighting all 29 members of the band, it makes you wish you could play a slightly eclectic instrument and hitch up with the band. From the map flyover to the leg hand claps, this video fits the song’s vibe perfectly. Four more than five years, the song and video has helped me when I’m feeling down. I hope it does the same for you.


One thought on “Sonic Monday: The Civil Wars and I’m From Barcelona”

  1. Met The Civil Wars last at the Grammy’s (my first time watching in five years). They were among the several highlights that made me so glad I tuned in.

    Incidentally the very lovely Joy Williams was about the most comfortable looking woman in the room last night. She belongs in front of the camera almost as much as she does behind the mic.

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