The Composite Live Blogs the Grammys!

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10:00: Yeah, shutting it down for the night.  Any added snark can come tomorrow.

9:56: Don’t know if I stay much longer.  They have flat out given up on award announcements.

9:41: So when is the Taylor Swift fad gonna die down?  I thought it had already started.

9:39: All Composite-approved acts are getting torn apart tonight!  I mean, I didn’t need Civil Wars to be standing there saying they’re an “opening act”- figures.

9:33: I don’t think Steve Wonder expected the crowd to get so involved.  Pretty high on the awkward meter.

9:22: First, Brian Wilson looks especially ossified.  What did it take to get him on that stage?  Second, it is really awkward considering the group wanted to do with Good Vibrations because Brian Wilson was going nutters?

9:19: CBS didn’t know who the singer was of Foster the People and showed the wrong guy.  Well done.  I also am having a hard time imaging a Foster the People performance that doesn’t sound premade for a rave or particularly hip club.

9:15: Awesome speech by Dave Grohl, will grant him that.  Also, where is Hakeem Nicks?  Mario Manningham?  Eh.

9:07:  Even though it’s been around for a while now, the Willie Nelson/Chipotle commercial is still brilliant.  Now that it is on national television it might just blow up.

9:05: Thankfully that was rectified.  Well worth it too.

9:02:  This seems to be giving Coldplay second bidding.

8:59: This would have been much better if Coldplay were the backup dancers.

8:58:  This performance went from creepy to way too much.  Dear god.

8:57: LL isn’t even bothering anymore.

8:51: Why were the Foo Fighters in a tent?  Is Pink there?  It makes that back ally Bon Iver joke sting even more.

8:47: That Jack Black rip on Bon Iver was funny for a second, then deteriorated quickly.  I bet even the Foo Fighters thought that was awkward.  And they had to start playing.

8:38: No Jay-Z or Kanye takes away what would have surely been a memorable speech.  Awful.

8:28: Still no word on Pink.  Maybe off trying to find the plug to pull on this performance.

8:27: Why are Chris Brown’s background dancers dressed like superhero biological attack victims?

8:24: The real question is, where is Pink?  Hopefully off finding whoever poured teal paint on Katy Perry.

8:20: More Whitney Houston than you can shake a stick at!  I was also unaware that Rihanna was angling for a revival Star Trek role.

8:16: So, basically I’m live blogging a concert on CBS.  It makes you feel slightly better about the otherwise poor choices made in some categories.

8:13: This performance seems really uncomfortable.  Did Rickey Martin have a love-child with a young Michael Jackson?

8:10:  Sir OG?  Hmmm…I’m fairly certain Paul was completely clueless to what that meant and just smiled and nodded.

8:08: Speaking of Obama, can LL emcee the convention?

8:06: Gaga is a net.  It’s a metaphor for equality.

8:05: I can just hear the Obama campaign rolling this song out in a big way over the summer.

8:03: Steven Van Zandt looks like he’s reprising Silvio from The Sopranos again.  Yikes.

8:02: Will there be a tribute to Clarence Clemons here?

8:00: At least CBS starts the show on a (the?) high note.

7:58: I will not be live-blogging CBS 2’s Team Coverage After The Show.  That’s like reporting on trainwrecks.  Here’s looking at you, Press TV.

7:46: Anderson Cooper reporting on Adele.  Girl can sing.  Anderson is delighted.

7:36: Dream Theater is the top trend about the Grammys on blogs right now.   All weird middle aged guys rejoice!

7:30: Civil Wars won best country duo/group performance- nice to see them beat out the usual country stuff there.  Hipsters rejoice from Portland to New York.

7:27: Did Ron Paul spend time in India?  There needs to be something better than 60 Minutes to put on before the Grammys.  A pre-show or something?

7:23: Moral of the 60 minutes story?  Don’t go to Duke.

7:21: Arcade Fire wins Best Recording Package…so there’s that.  Louis CK won Best Comedy, as he should have.

7:01:  And The Foo Fighters roll on.  Yeesh.  Way to award originality, Grammys.

6:48: Bon Iver wins best Alternative Album!  Foo Fighters (bleh) win best Rock Album.  Keep riding those cookie-cutter songs as long as possible, Dave Grohl..

6:34: All of the Lights by Kanye West wins twice.  Kanye also wins best Rap album.  I approve- the song and album were awesome in every way.  Skrillex has won multiple awards…so that negates any good will Kanye’s win created.

Anyone else disheartened by how they are blocking out Hip Hop/R&B/Rap from the awards telecast?  I mean, I get that not many people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see who won “Best Improvised Jazz Solo”, but yeesh….try and be a little less transparent about how blatantly biased the network and advertisers are…

Original Post:

As you know, we’re big fans of music here at The Composite.  So, in honor of “music’s biggest night”, I’ll be live blogging the

LL Cool J wants YOU to read The Composite’s Live Blog! No evidence to say he doesn’t…(photo via Flickr user Adria Richards)

proceedings starting at 8 pm (the telecast is on CBS).  Will Bon Iver win, setting up the most epic and awkward acceptance speech ever?  Will a reunited Beach Boys steal the show?  Will LL Cool J convince us he’s still relevant?  Come for the snark, stay for the

improvised snark!  (And we promise, no terrible Whitney Houston jokes.  Some things just speak for themselves).

What we’re looking forward to:


The Civil Wars

The aforementioned Beach Boys (w/ Foster the People & Maroon 5)

Paul McCartney

Jennifer Hudson (honoring Whitney)

Joe Walsh

Bruce & The E Street Band

Coldplay & Rihanna

Winners Wishes

Record of the Year: “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

Album of the Year: 21 by Adele

Song of the Year: “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

Best New Artist: Bon Iver

Justin Vernon Does Not Approve of our Live-Blogging (photo via Flickr user angela n.)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: “Dearest” by The Black Keys

Best Pop Vocal Album: 21 by Adele

Best Rock Performance: “Down by the Water” by The Decemberists

Best Rock Song: “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons

Best Rock Album: The Whole Love by Wilco

Best Alternative Album: Bon Iver

Best Country/Duo Performance: “Barton Hollow”  by The Civil Wars

Enjoy the show!


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