Sonic Monday – Jackson Browne’s The Load Out/Stay

These towns all look the same to me too, Jackson - Via Spiked Nation

**With Rusty on the road this weekend, Sonic Monday will have one entry with two songs. Enjoy!!**

I am a sucker for the cinematic. There are these moments that stand out from the usual tedium of our lives. Sometimes they happen during the most routine of routines – my commute. Maybe it is a silent exchange or the view of a Saturday morning sunrise as your subway train descends underground as the sun climbs above Prospect Park. More often than not, these moments are soundtracked by songs that fit the moment. One of those songs for me is Jackson Browne’s “The Load Out/Stay.”

To me, it encapsulates life on the road. When I think of my years traveling to speech tournaments across the country first as a competitor and then as a coach, I hear this song as a I look back on the people who would drift into my life during those weekends, the thousands of miles covered by air and soccer mom van, and the hours spent sitting around for awards while folks played ukur or running to Subway to grab sandwiches. There are times when constant travel can be glamorous. Then there are times where you don’t know what day it is anymore or what city you find yourself in.   “The Load Out/Stay” resonates with because it’s honest about life on the road. And that is all I can ask for when I’m at the beginning of the trip and yearn for the unlimited potential of new experiences or as I’m returning and want nothing more than the comforting familiarity of those I know and love and the place I call home.


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