Sonic Monday – Fun & St. Vincent Does Her Best Elvis Costello

Rusty: One Foot by Fun

Some Nights - Fun: Via Eargazzm

I’ll admit, a Giants championship win and Newt Gingrich in one week is a bit much for me to handle.  I mean, anyone predicting that would have some serious words to eat nowadays, huh?  Good thing no one around here was so shortsighted.  Sticking with my theme from last week, I’d like to point out that winter in the Northeast is still more disappointing than ABC’s exclusive interviews.  With that in mind, let’s get ready for some new music in 2012 that will cheer us all up!

This week, I give you Fun., the Brooklyn-based indie pop outfit led by Nate Reuss.  Some might better know Reuss as the former singer of the indie/pop punk/emo duo, The Format (my musical tastes in 2004 were just fine, thank you very much).  After The Format disbanded in 2008, Reuss beefed up his songwriting skills and put out, in my opinion, one of the most under-appreciated records of the past few years, Aim and Ignite.  Mixing Reuss’ distinctive vocals, a wide array of instrumentation, irresistibly catchy harmonies, and refreshingly creative and self aware lyrics, Aim was (is) the perfect album to listen to while doing, well, anything fun.

Fun. is not amused, Mr. Gingrich.

From the songs that have been released so far, it seems a sure bet that Fun.’s second album will pick right up where the last one left off.  Due to be released next month, Some Nights will likely be one of the first records I put on once the weather gets nicer.  In the meantime, join me in anticipation by listening to “One Foot”!

Ferris: Cheerleader by St. Vincent

St. Vincent is Annie Clark, who, according to knowledge clearinghouse of the aughts -Wikipedia, started using the stage name in reference to the medical center where poet Dylan Thomas died in 1953.

St. Vincent’s first album came out just after I had moved into my first post-college apartment with some friends in Jersey City. After buying a new Mac laptop and new iPod, I went on a music downloading tear. It was then that I stumbled upon her first album, Marry Me. This and her follow-up, Actor, were critically acclaimed albums that had songs I liked, but never made it into my listening rotation for a variety of reasons.

That all changed with her newest album, Strange Mercy. This is album that I’ve listened to non-stop while at work and the video for “Cruel” was one of the best of 2011. However, the video I’m going with is from her performance last week on Conan. I don’t want to give too much away, but before starting “Cheerleader,” she pays homage to one Declan McManus. Clark’s music combines impressive guitar work and strong song writing skills. Two of the guys from The National are curating a music festival at B.A.M. in May and rumor has it that St. Vincent will play. If she does, do yourself a favor and go see her in concert.


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