Sonic Monday – The Vaccines & Animal Collective

Album cover for What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? - Via Vaccines.Co.Uk

Here’s the deal. Every Monday, The Composite is going to be running a music video from two bands we think you should be listening to. Some weeks, it might be bands you’ve never heard of. Other Mondays might be bands you are aware of, but never actually got around to listening to. And there will be weeks where it will be a songs from bands everyone has heard from. All we can promise is that we’ll do a better job vetting the bands than SNL did with Lana Del Ray. Boom!

Each week Rusty and I will be posting a video and some thoughts about the song, band, and video. Hopefully, we can start a conversation. Not only about the video, the song, and the band, but about other musicians who should be highlighted. Imagine if a bar jukebox was like an office water cooler but it was all happening on-line. So without further ado, the first entries in Sonic Monday is The Vaccine’s “Wetsuit” and Animal Collectives “Fireworks.”

The Vaccines are a band I’ve had on repeat recently on my iTunes at home and Grooveshark at work. While not as criminally catchy as “Norgaard” or in your face as “Post Break-Up Sex,” “Wetsuit,” along with “Family Friends” are stand out tracks from their album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? 

Incorporating that most hipster of trends, the instagram photo, “Wetsuit” has two different stories going on in the video. Instagram photos of concertgoers and The Vaccines playing are broken up by one 20-something guy walking around the outdoor concert looking for something or someone. Check out the video and then give the album a whirl.

Rusty: Animal Collective’s “Fireworks”

It’s really cold in the Northeast right now.  Seriously, I hate this weather and want out.  Considering that isn’t in the cards, I think we should start looking forward to all the good things 2012 still has to deliver- new music included!

Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam

First up, and one of my personally most anticipated releases of the year, is Animal Collective’s still-untitled album.  The Baltimore-based quartet has been dishing out their weird, wonderful, trippy music for well over a decade, and struck it big with their 2009 release Merriweather Post Pavilion.  While Merriweather may have been the most “mainstream” and accessible of Animal Collective’s releases, their true genius is heard in earlier songs like “Fireworks”, which you can check out in the video above.  “Fireworks” (found on the Strawberry Jam album) catches the band at their best, blending freak folk, striking vocals, rhythmic background noises, and a penchant for off-beat lyrics.

For fans of the band, their next release might be a new turning point.  Do they return to the quirky and experimental songs of pre-Merriweather fame, or continue to open up their music to larger audiences?  I’m personally hoping for the former, but only 2012 will tell.  And hey, if the band disappoints, we still have quite a large catalog to enjoy on those warm summer evenings.


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