You Can’t Stop The Book Blitz, You Can Only Hope To Contain It

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I was wrong and I failed.

I’ve been saying that a lot lately. But this time, I’m referring to something I wrote in one of the initial posts for this blog. At the time, I was beginning the Boston Book Blitz and had settled on the mountain climbing metaphor. I went so far as to compare reading all 100 books on the New York Times 2010 list as the literary equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

With the release of the New York Times 2011 list this afternoon, my quest has come to a close. And as I checked my list one last time for the 2010 publications, I concluded that finishing all the books on this list is nothing like climbing Mt. Everest. Instead, it is like running a marathon.

If for no other reason than that there is no sherpas when it comes to finishing the books on this list. This year, I made it through fifty books and wrote reviews for thirty of them. Two of the reviews got retweeted by the authors of the books and another author thanked me on Twitter for my positive review. So if I were to have stuck with the Everest metaphor, I would have made it to the top but had no way of getting back down – though I would have had cell service at the peak.

That is why I find the marathon comparison comforting. If you pull up lame at mile 13, you can call it a day, go back to the drawing board and start from scratch for next year. And that is exactly what I’m doing in 2012. I hope you will join me again on this journey, that I am dubbing, Book Blitz 2K12 as I make my way through the best writing of the last year, sharing my thoughts, limited insights and anecdotes along the way.

Just watch out for mile post 21 – I hear it is a doozy.


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