Live-Blogging Occupy Wall Street NYC

In an attempt to get a feel of the situation on the ground, The Composite will be live-blogging from lower Manhattan this afternoon.  Afterword, I intend on having a write-up on the movement, today’s events, and the people I meet.  A major march is expected today from Foley Square to the Financial District, and will include the support of multiple local unions.  Any other major events will also be covered.  Please check out #thecomposite on Twitter for updates as well!

5:21: battery dying. crowd in front of courthouse and Thomas paine park is massive in the thousands. Will update after march when home.

4:36: stopped at broadway and worth. Not sure what’s going on-many marchers dont even know route. Need to reiterate that claims this is nonpartisan are nonsense.

4:04: march is still going, slowly. Lots of support from tourists on buses.

3:45: march headed to Foley Square, police blocking street. Going there, it is where larger march begins.

3:30: long march on north side of square. Big mix of socialism, environmentalism, anti-war, anti-fed, anti-banks. Wish I could put pictures up now, can’t wait til later. Police are getting ready for more crowds. Also an interesting mix of conspiracy – bilderberg, etc.

3:19: Back at the park. WAY more people, and a ton of media. Have stood next to Cbs twice. Also saw first topless protester. NYPD is on best behavior- hoping to see some speakers. Also saw a man asking for his taxes to be raised.

2:53: NYSE and other major buildings completely barricaded and blocked off. Interesting fear of a peaceful movement.

2:41: Hard to identify many themes aside from bank bashing. Barricades all over wall st, massive crowds. Going there in a minute. Also sensing a small minority with hostility to tourists and more violent rhetoric toward banks.

2:29: Truly an over whelming sight at Liberty Plaza. cell service is spotty though. A quick walk through shows WAY more signs than I expected. Police are having friendly interactions with protesters. Have seen a few speakers, don’t know who they are but all are focusing on banks. Lots of tarp in center of square, clearly many people are in for the long haul. Also a lot of irreverent, Rally for Sanity-esque signs. More to come.

1:23: Homeless in front of Wells Fargo, Sovereign, and Bank of America before I ever step foot out of Jersey City.


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