Hey You! I Want Your Opinion!

Among my friends, my love of trains is well known. Heck, I even call myself Amtrak Joe and talk up Joe Biden’s awesomeness from time to time. One time, a buddy and I were at a bar and ended up sketching what a redesigned high-speed rail corridor in the Northeast would look like. So, kind reader, I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I keep some serious tabs on the Amtrak world on the Twitter.

This week, that Am’tracking of Twitter alerted me to a blog post by Hipmunk on several Amtrak developments. What grabbed my attention was that the blog is running a “Train Trak Photo Contest.” All are open to submit their best photos of trains, stations, or yourself on a train. Ten finalists will receive a $50 Amtrak Gift Certificate, with the winner receiving a total of $150.

This is where I need your help! I have whittled down my photos of Amtrak down to four. While I realize my readership is not that high, any votes or even comments on which photo I should submit is greatly appreciated. The photos are ordered chronologically.

The Photos!

Double-Decker X2

The Texas Eagle - Dallas, TX 12/28/08

Limited Sunset in El Paso

The Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited in El Paso - 12/29/08

A Model Train

Coast Starlight in Central California - 1/3/09

Empire From a Bridge

Penn Station Bound Empire Corridor Train Entering Poughkeepsie - 10/12/09

One thought on “Hey You! I Want Your Opinion!”

  1. Not to completely disregard modern day photography, but all the pictures might be good for a little clean-up in PS before sending them out. Also not as an insult to your photography technique, I just know that anyone who will submit photos to this contest will be doing the same.

    But I think the pictures look great, Joe! Good luck!

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