Michele Bachmann is a Hypocrite

Remember 2008?

It seems like yesterday to me. Rep. Michele Bachmann was just another  telegenic member of the minority party in Congress who had a tendency to say some pretty wacky things. Need a reminder of her catalogue o’crazy? Check this video from her appearance on MSNBC with Hardball’s Chris Matthews in the fall of that year.

So the Congresswoman was pretty certain that then-Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle held Anti-American views based on his associations with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and comments Mrs. Obama had made.

Now it is 2011 and Rep. Michele Bachmann is among the top candidates for the Republican presidential nomination next year. With Bachmann in a dead heat with Mitt Romney in Iowa, reporters have turned their focus on the Minnesotan member of Congress. Some stories have been pretty silly – like the migraine issue. How about these though:

  • Bachmann was a member of a Lutheran church that believes the Pope is the Antichrist. Before running for President, her and her husband asked to be and were granted a release from their membership at the church.
  • And what about her husband? He just happens to run a clinic that believes you can pray the gay away through, as ABC reports, “prayer and self-reflection.” Not suprisingly, this is a discredited field of treatment which often does harm to the patients. And, to boot, Dr. Bachmann is a doctor of philosophy.
See how my hypocrisy is projected to grow as we get closer to the primaries? - Via The Guardian

Why does this all matter, you ask? Why is Bachmann a hypocrite? Just three years after taking to the airwaves and condemning Obama for comments made by his pastor and wife, Bachmann is taking heat for positions held by her church and her husband’s professional practice.

Today, she responded. Saying, “I am running for the presidency of the United States. My husband is not for the presidency. Neither are my children, neither is our business, neither is our foster children. I am more than happy to stand for questions about running for the presidency of the United States.”

Sorry Rep. Bachmann. You can’t have it both ways. As a surrogate for John McCain’s campaign, you went after Obama and his wife on a trumped up charge of Anti-Americanism. Now, when the credibility of your husband’s work is being questioned and the dogma of your church is being explored, you want to be shielded from these lines of questioning. There is a saying for this type of thing – what goes around, comes around. Get used to it.


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