What the Heck Is The Book Blitz? A Primer

In 1953, the Boston Braves were on the verge of becoming contenders in the National League. After years of mediocre play and poor returns at the gate, the future looked bright. With players like Warren Spahn, Eddie Matthews, and a young rookie outfielder named Henry Aaron, the team was just a few years away from winning the World Series against the hated Yankees.

There was just one small hiccup from the point of view of folks in Boston. The Braves did all of this in Milwaukee. That spring, the Braves ventured west in search of a media market of their own and a less divided fan base.

Sign Me Up! - Via DowntownPhoenix.com

The Composite came to be, in theory, over a few drinks at a Queens bar last fall. By the time Rich and I kicked it off, I was living in Boston. The sole repeating feature on the blog has been the Boston Book Blitz. A quick reminder about the Blitz: At the end of the year, The New York Times posts its list of 100 Notable Books of the past 12 months. The Blitz is my attempt at reading all 100 and review/blog them. So far, two of the authors of the books have been kind enough to re-tweet the reviews. Check out the 2010 list here. I’m hoping, once I get wi-fi at my new place up and running, to create a static page listing the books read and other possibly interesting info.

Unlike the Braves, who left Boston for fresh territory, I am retracing the steps of many others who have once been my age, myself included. I’ve returned to New York City. It would make little sense to continue to have the name of a city I don’t live in as part of the title. At the same time, subbing Brooklyn in for Boston would make tweeting an exercise in character tight-rope walking; same for Brownstone Book Blitz. Also, that sounds kind of bougie. Next thing you know, I’ll be doing a 38-part series telling you all about which urban vineyards are the ones to kno-se. So now the series will be called: The Book Blitz. Or as my French readership likes to say, Le Blitz de Livre.

There is a bunch of reviews coming down the pipe over the next few days. So keep refreshing the home page, comment when so inspired, and remember, your public library is the best deal in town.


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