When Beach Bums Sort Of Kind Of Attack – The Sequel

MCU Park - Via Metsblog.com

This past weekend, the New York Mets’ Single A Brooklyn Cyclones opened their 11th season playing in Coney Island. They started the year by taking two of three from the Staten Island Yankees. In other Cyclones related news, one of their Beach Bums posted a comment on this blog last night, on the post where I called on the team to disband the “Beach Bums” dance group. Naturally, this anonymous “Bum” was not thrilled with my post. Maybe the Cyclones/Mets brass weren’t either.

Since I wrote that blog post almost six months ago and I think I can safely assume that not many folks are digging through The Composite’s archives on a daily basis, I wanted to respond to the comment from “Anonymous Bum” in a format where readers would be able to see her thoughts and my responses. The original post, with the comment in full can be found here, and my responses are below:

“First, I would like to point out that as a Beach Bum, we are NOT kids. Most of us are in our early 20′s.”

OK, most of the Bums may be in their early 20’s, but I wrote the post when the try out for the 2011 season was announced in January and the minimum age was 17. Hence,  I wrote “teenage girls.”

Second, I would also like to add that we are not allowed to dance on the dugout when the ball is in play for safety reasons….If your view was blocked at all during the game, then the girl sitting on the dugout during a live ball must have been really, really tall….Now, as much as I would assume you would love to see one of us get hit with a foul ball….

The rules may state that the “Bums” are not allowed to dance on the dugout when the ball is in play, but there were several instances last year where they had their backs to the field and didn’t realize the game had resumed. Or did continue to stand for a few pitches. Hey, my height is average! I go to the stadium to see the game, I don’t want to lean over on the person sitting next to me to see the play unfold.

Even sitting on top of the dugout seems unnecessarily dangerous. Baseball has been getting wise to these types of dangers by requiring First and Third Base Coaches to wear helmets. And the last thing I want to see is someone get hit with a foul ball. You do your argument a disservice by getting that hyperbolic.

….I think that you do not take into consideration that most sports teams, especially less popular ones, have dancers; because they want to attract people to the games, even if it be “creepy old me.”

Beach Bums in Rain or Shine - From Flickr

I gave some thought to this point and thinking back to all the different games I’ve been to in different sports, different parts of the country, and different leagues, there has always been a Fan Team on hand to make the pre-game, in between innings, and post-game experience fun for the fans. Heck, the Veeck family is legendary in baseball for coming up with attractions to bring fans to the ballpark. Of all the different teams, the Cyclones are the only team I’ve seen that have dancers at baseball games. While the Marlins may have dancers in “booty shorts and bra tops,” I still don’t see the value in having dancers in “skimpy outfits.” Maybe I am more of a baseball purist than I acknowledged earlier, but I don’t see why the team needs young female dancers in “skimpy outfits” to get folks in the seats.

When the dances are choreographed, the Beach Bums are required to refrain from “sexual” or “provocative” moves. If you find a few hair flips and hip rolling provocative, then I suggest you step out of the 50′s because, quite frankly, Elvis already paved the way for us a long time ago.

John Lithgow in Footloose - Via dvdmedia.ign.com

Thank you for making me feel like I’m doing my best John Lithgow impersonation from Footloose. You damn kids and your rock n’roll. But here is the thing, re-read my post. I am not stuck in the 1950s. In fact, my real issues with the “Beach Bums” are the fact that they don’t bring anything to the game experience. Was there a dance move or two I wouldn’t want a seven year old to see, yes, but I’m not going to get Puritanical on anyone here.

I thoroughly enjoy working for this organization and by belittling the promotional and entertainment aspects that we add to the Cyclones game day experience, you are only insulting the organization as a whole.

Alright “Anonymous Bum,” I am belittling nothing here. The Mets, Cyclones, and the leaders of the Beach Bums decided to put a product out for public consumption as part of the game day experience. I am merely giving my feedback as a ticket buying fan of the team. I don’t believe my critique is an insult on the organization as a whole. That is like saying, I blame the Beach Bums for the Jason Bay signing or the fact that the Mets ownership is drowning in debt.

The bottom line is this, “Anonymous Bum,” I like the Cyclones. I enjoy going to the games. I just don’t think the “Beach Bums” dance routines and attire add anything to the game. With that being said, if you are reading this, I wish you, the rest of the Bums, and the Cyclones the best of luck this year.

PS: if you are going to post something in public on the Internet, I would refrain from using the term “sort of kind of.”

Thanks for reminding me that I am usually in desperate need of an editor.


2 thoughts on “When Beach Bums Sort Of Kind Of Attack – The Sequel”

  1. I wanted to just say I agree wholeheartedly with your post. I used to love going to Cyclones games, I’m not a big baseball fan, but I loved the home town feel of it all. I imagined this is how it was when the Dodgers were at Ebbets field. The beach bums used to be young men and women who were locals, and it was very endearing, and there brand of entertainment seemed very heart felt even though they weren’t “professionals”. However since the addition of the professional beach bums, it seems odd at best. I used to go with a group of friends, there were about 10 of use who bought mini-season passes. However the last couple of years we’ve passed on the whole thing purely because of these beach bums.

    1. The ballpark atmosphere changed when they became a dance team. Only a few fans are still loud for their team. Everyone know has to be a righteous, politically correct fan. I’ve cut down on games over the years

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