The Geographic Identity Crisis of The New York Jets

I’ve kept my silence for long enough. I’ve grinned. I’ve beared it. But I can take it no longer. It is time to take out a map of the New York/New Jersey area and have someone point out to me where in New York the Giants and Jets play.

Who Would Have Thought The Jets Home Field Is In New Jersey?

The Jets and Giants left Shea and Yankee Stadiums, respectively, for the purportedly greener pastures of New Jersey’s Meadowlands in the 1970s. Despite shedding their ties to New York City, they kept the name of the state they abandoned. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that “New York” is easier to sell than “New Jersey. See the Nets if you have any doubts.

All of this seems rather pertinent since the Jets, who face off against the Steelers tomorrow, are again one game away from the Super Bowl. During playoff time, local elected officials make friendly wagers with the mayor and governor from the opposing team’s city and state. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has promised to wear a Jets jersey while putting together care packages for soldiers who have recently returned from combat services He will also place Fireman Ed’s helmet on a Pittsburgh landmark and post the video on Twitter. Makes sense since the Steelers are from Pittsburgh. If you are anything like me, you figured he made this friendly wager with James Cassella, the mayor of East Rutherford, New Jersey’s mayor.

Not so fast! The wager was with Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. A city separated from the Jets home field by a river so deep it is considered a tidal estuary at that point as well as Hoboken and Jersey City. Bloomberg, for his part, if the Jets will lose will wear a Steelers jersey while at the care package event with Ravenstahl. He will also hang a Steelers terrible towel from a city landmark. Where is the love for James Cassella or East Rutherford?

Mayor James Cassella - Via

Even Chris Christie couldn’t get any respect when it came to the bet between governors. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett put some Preferred Pennsylvania products on the line. Keg of Yuengling, anyone? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wagered Nathan’s Hot Dogs, buffalo wings, cider, cheese, and syrup.  Hey Andrew, I know Canada has been flirting pretty hot and heavy with the Buffalo Bills lately, but as of now, that is New York’s only football team. Here are some ways to figure out whether New York or New Jersey should be wagering on behalf of the Jets. Taking public transit to the game? New Jersey Transit is the only way to get there. Driving? You might yourself on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Can’t we just throw Cassella a bone here? Compared to running the largest city in the US, being mayor of East Rutherford has to be a pretty thankless job.

Don't Get This Guy Started About New Jersey

Now, I’m not opposed to mayors and governors wagering goods on the outcome of playoff games. Personally, I’m waiting for Devils and Rangers to face off in the Eastern Conference Finals, allowing Cuomo to trade Staten Island to Christie in New Jersey, in exchange for Hoboken and Jersey City.


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