Pepper Rabbit – A Band You Should Be Listening To

Pepper Rabbit - Via Kanine Records

On a warm July evening last year, my girlfriend and I, along with a friend of ours trekked over to the Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side.  We were going to support our good friend’s brother. His band, Pepper Rabbit, was one of the opening acts for The Love Language. At the time, my only point of reference was a few of their songs I had listening to in the days before the show, just to be familiar with what I was getting myself into.

A Rum Pirate - Google Image Search Comes Up With Nada for Whiskey Pirates

At many of the shows I’ve gone to in the past, the opening act can be hit or miss. One of my first shows included a three song set from a band whose name was Whiskey Pirates. And yes, all three songs were about pirates or whiskey or both!  For a group that was second on a four-band bill, Pepper Rabbit stood out. The duo of Luc and Xander put on a great show. The music is catchy, the lyrics are unique, and the melodies arresting. In August, they released their first album, Beauregard.

Last week, Stereogum posted the band’s video for “Harvest Moon.” You can watch it here. They are currently on tour with Ra Ra Riot and later this spring they’ll be with Miniature Tigers. You really should be listening to these guys.


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