Resolutions – Yea, We Got Them

Yesterday, I was asked what my resolution for 2011 was and suffice to say, I dropped the ball.  So to make up for the embarrassment of saying, “In 2011, I’m going to be awesomer,” I have come up with two resolutions. Although one is confined to the internet, both share the common principle of “writing” once a day.

Starting this blog with my buddy Richie has been a great experience, but I’ve quickly

Gutenberg Approves Of My 2011 Resolutions

realized that the toughest part of this venture is putting thoughts to paper.  Long before I started blogging, somebody once told me the secret to writing is writing. To that end, I will be posting on this blog once a day for all of 2011.

There is nothing worse than putting together a great post that gets some great responses and then to go radio silent for an extended period of time. Not only for you out there as readers, but as a writer, it is nice to have a routine and momentum when sitting down to write.  Therefore, I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post, a creation of WordPress to have users blog daily or weekly.  This is my most immediate and concrete resolution. Dear readers, please help hold me accountable on this front.

My Father: The 5th Beatle - Via

The other resolution – and if this skirts the territory of a LiveJournal entry, I ask for your eternal forgiveness – comes from my father. One of his charming quirks is that he has this bottomless well of phrases, metaphors, and anecdotes for pretty much any situation. The first day of the New Year is no exception. Like clockwork, he would pronounce that every year is a new book, each month a new chapter, and every day a page. It was, according to him, up to us to fill these pages to the best of our ability, maximize the opportunities given to us in the coming 365 days.  In other words, you are your own Gutenberg – Johannes, not Steve.

As a young child, I paid little attention to this notion. As a teenager, I probably silently scoffed at this. At some point over the last few years, I’ve realized that the idea of each year being a new book has a quiet beauty. Not only does it suggest that we control the narrative of our life, it is also a call to appreciate the majesty of the  moment. Here me out on this front. If each month is a new chapter, and each day a page, we can only craft the present. The past is the past is the past. The future is unknown. We can prepare for it, but there is a degree of uncertainty involved. Not deep stuff, obviously, but the power of the present is too often overlooked. Turning the focus to the here and now, instead of over-analyzing the past or building ourselves up for the unknown that is the future, is my resolution.  And to do this, I’ll make the most of every word on each page – figuratively, literally, and here.  If all us fails, I’ll go for awesomer.

To all those who made this crazy experiment of blogging as much fun as it was to write these posts, thank you! All the best in the coming year to you!


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