Red Line to Mattapan – Via Mordor!

Boarding the Red Line this morning at South Station toward Davis, my only hope was to get back to Somerville and not have to wait an eternity for my connecting bus.

But as I sat down and the train pulled out of the station, I noticed I was in the midst of a multi-dimensional relevation. Above the doors of the Red Line rolling stock is a strip map of the route with every station listed. One of Red Line’s terminals is Ashmont, with a connection to the “High-Speed Light Rail” to Mattapan. Here is what a normal map looks like:


Red Line Map (Via Flickr, Eric Kilby)

This morning, the T must have quietly unveiled their new service from Ashmont to Mattapan with intermediate service through the southeast of northwestern Middle Earth, Mordor. And to accomplish this without a fare hike as well! Here is the map.


Next Stop - Mordor!

Of course, an amateur cartographer wanted all of us to know, “One does not take a train to Mordor.” I think the T is just pissed that the New York City subway has a line to Hogwarts as the picture of the entrance to  14 Street -Union Square below indicates.

New MTA Service (Via Daily News)

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