The Composite

More than anything else, cities are composites. They are made from the ground up, starting with blocks, then streets, followed by neighborhoods, and then the city. More so than any suburb or rural village, cities are a quilt sown together by a density that combines a multitude of peoples and cultures. The results are uniquely urban, in the best way possible. It is these concrete test tubes from which this blog, The Composite, has sprung.

Initially designed to focus on the need for more powerful groups on the block and neighborhood level to provide a voice to protect New York City’s character while insisting on smart development, The Composite will focus on more than just the travails and unlimited potential of our city. We hope to capture the essence of what makes our city unique and vibrant, along with the healthy dialogue that accompanies it. The diversity within this dialogue melds to form the urban composite. The test tube of which we speak.

So we hope to cover as many topics as possible. From sports to music, literature to media and technology, public policy to a random assortment of whatever strikes your and our interest. In a way, it is a fitting goal. It is just such a wide array that helps make every city the unique locale that it is.

Your amiable writers are:

Joe is a native Brooklynite, though he has been known on occasion to spend some significant time in New England. Currently living in the Boston area, he is pretty sure he might be the only Nationals fan this side of the Connecticut River. As a long-time Democrat, he too is skilled at clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. Stay on the look-out for his effort to successfully ascend and descend the literary equivalent of Mt. Everest: Reading all of the New York Times’ Top 100 Books in 365 days.

Richie is also a native New Yorker who has lived in three of the five boroughs. The ever underdog, not only is he a rare NYC Republican, but he is also a lifelong Mets, Jets, Rangers, and Knicks fan. Undaunted by this, he retains his optimism that better days for all those groups are not that far off. When he isn’t taking in a game, catching a concert or a show, he is usually reading about the latest gadgets or opining the need for more moderate political discourse and policymaking.

Even more important than the two of us will be you. Without you, whomever you may be, these posts will have no impact. We are looking for more than just readers. The goal of The Composite is to begin a dialogue. Too often, the substantive loses out to the sound-bite, nuance forgone in lieu of nonsense. We realize the impact of another blog clogging up the tubes. We hope, we aim for more. To that end, we promise to do our best to post as often as possible. In return, we look forward from hearing from you.

Join us, wontcha?


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